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Power PDF Editor not only lives up to its name, but provides business efficiencies across your entire organization

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At Desygner, we have built the World’s only PDF import, editor and template solution that is completely WYSIWYG.

Everyone in your organization can edit PDF files on a simple interface

Need to edit a PDF file and don’t have the source file? Power PDF Editor has got you covered.

Your designers don’t have the time for small changes in your PDF files? Simply use PDF Editor.

Collaborate and annotate PDF files, working together on one single file version.

Over 10,000 different PDF types supported. Over XYZ fonts included.

Convert all your PDF and Microsoft files into editable templates

Simply upload your PDF files created with InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop onto the Desygner platform and they become templates everyone in your organization can edit online.

Convert your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Word documents into templates. Make them available in Desygner, ensuring your team uses only the latest versions.

“I really like being able to import PDFs. I can create the design in Adobe, import it into Desygner and offer it as a new template that everyone can use.”

Raffaella Pace
Marketing Manager - Coldwell Banker Italy

Ensure your templates remain on brand and on message across your entire organization

Connect your templates to Brand Guidelines Enforcer and determine what elements can be edited.

Add your templates to the Marketing Localization Engine, instantly creating hundreds or thousands of localized versions from local and individual libraries.

Track and audit your PDF files

Power PDF Editor tracks all changes and authors, providing peace of mind to your compliance teams.

How it works

  1. Convert any Microsoft or Adobe file into a PDF
  2. Import PDF into Desygner in one click or connect to any drives
  3. Edit the template and save, share or download
  4. Done!

Desygner Power PDF Editor. Features summary

  • PDF editing capability for every user in company
  • PDF tracking of each change and author
  • PDF template creation and ability to add restrictions on what can be changed
  • PDF automation to fill from a user’s library
  • PDF split, merge and compress
  • PDF digital signature
  • PDF annotation
  • PDF commenting

Power PDF Editor Vs. Adobe Acrobat

Desygner is the only easy, high-performance alternative solution to Adobe Acrobat. It enables anyone to edit PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat's essential features at a fraction of the price. And you can save the produced files as Desygner templates, JPEGs, PNGs or even back as a PDF.