Local, on brand marketing has never been so easy

Accelerate your go to market local campaigns and watch your brand take over the world

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Desygner’s Marketing Localization Engine is a scalable solution for organizations to expand content publishing beyond central teams

Provide your company with ready to market campaigns on global, regional, national, local and individual levels.

Set the campaign structure once and watch our AI cascade it down to your users based on your organization’s requirements.

Start by creating a high-level set of your templates including your main print and digital marketing materials.

Set up as many sub workspaces as needed to localize your content automatically.

Unmatched campaign customization, powered by artificial intelligence.

Automate personalisation with local and individual libraries.

Tag your regional assets as themes like Validated Localized Text, Images, Icons, Logos, Fonts, and Colors.

Enable personalization for thousands of users instantly.

All your campaigns are saved as draft after creation, allowing admins or workflow users to review and publish them according to your schedule.

Your AI keeps learning. Your marketing automation algorithm keeps improving.

Every change made is recorded, and we keep enhancing the algorithms to improve your marketing campaign creation automation.

If any library items are removed - such as an image, disclaimer copy or phone number - the Localization Engine will offer options to automatically replace that content across all materials.