All your marketing, brand and content assets. Managed, controlled and connected from one single place

Create, import, control, export and share. Keep everyone informed

Desygner’s Corporate Marketing Hub provides unparalleled control and customization.

Imagine a single platform where you store, create, manage, share, control and automatically publish your assets to your desired platforms.

From stunning social content and Facebook ads, to professionally-designed PDF case studies and email newsletters, to automated marketing emails and printed catalogs.

Collaborate, approve, share, schedule, print and publish with the click of a button.

The Corporate Marketing Hub integrates with your systems of choice, across the entire creative, marketing and sales technology stack

Import design files straight from InDesign or Photshop.

Export branded marketing assets directly to your CRM, marketing automation, website, shopping cart or ecommerce platform, and printer house.

Keep everyone in the know

Trigger automatic alerts to all teams involved in your workflows, saving time and avoiding miscommunication all along.

Everyone can use the hub. Little to no training required

The Corporate Marketing Hub is built on the same core technology as Desygner’s mobile apps used by over 10 millions of members across the globe.

Enterprise-grade training is provided to your admins, so they learn how to set-up your assets, libraries and workflows. All other users will hit the ground running.