Streamline content creation across your organization with enterprise connectors, integrations and single sign-on

Desygner Enterprise natively connects to thousands applications creating efficiencies from the get-go
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Import your designs in seconds and turn them into on brand templates, readily available for editing, collaborating, sharing and downloading

Adobe Connect for Adobe Software Files and Cloud Imports

Desygner provides simple but powerful plugins to software like Adobe InDesign so your designers can export files straight from Adobe Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator straight into Desygner within seconds.

Your designers can continue working on software familiar to them whilst rolling out their work for anyone to reuse once the restrictions have been set within Desygner.

Microsoft Connect for Microsoft Software Files and OneDrive Import

Coming soon. For now, you can save any Microsoft file as a PDF and import it straight from OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or directly from your PC or mobile device. Power PDF Editor then processes and enables it for full editing.

Save time and resources with Desygner Enterprise customized integrations

Desygner CI is open to anyone and any platform via our Rest APIs and webhooks for Enterprise customers.

Our experience developers can integrate Desygner Enterprise to your existing systems or platforms providing enhanced efficiencies to your teams, and cost savings to your organization.

Existing integrations

Automated property listings for realtors

Desygner Enterprise is currently integrated to a MLS, providing 200,000 realtors with a Marketing Localization Engine that actively lists their properties with a click and pulls in all relevant images, text and videos from their MLS listings into their templates within seconds.

Storytelling around the world with stunning book covers

Desygner Enterprise powers the world’s largest storytelling platform Wattpad to allow them to feed story book covers automatically via apps to over 90 million users annually.

Desygner is one of the only companies that offers white labelled apps and integration to apps for global mobile connectivity. Wattpad’s book cover apps are downloaded nearly 10,000 times a day through our partnership.

Third-party DAMs

Although Desygner Enterprise offers its very own Digital Asset Manager 3.0 (#link), some enterprise customers require integrations to their existing DAMs. Talk about Asset Bank and how we did this for major customers so their DAMs are connected. Include info on how it works from Sayans document around resizing images, replacement, etc

Security, single sign-on and two-factor authentication

Our out-of-the-box single sign-on provides a seamless logging experience and complements our white labelling capabilities and it allows you to roll out Desygner Enterprise across your entire organization with no platform invites or registration process.